Renting [the super cool, the funky awesome &] the simply splendid from sugarSCOUT

One hit wonder?  It only goes around once?

There are lots of life events that are a one shot deal………so we’d love to help you make it count.  We scout & craft beautiful, unusual, and fun items that you’d love to use but wouldn’t dream of trying to make, find, or pay the retail price to own.  Weddings?  Photo shoot?  Milestone birthday?  We’re game.


All of our inventory is rented per piece. You can rent one piece or an army of items to make your event awesome. Can’t find what you’re looking for?  Your sugar SCOUT’s out there……….just ask, and we’ll find what you’re looking for..  Contact us for a free consultation & quote.

The To & Fro

Depending on your locale……… us and we’ll work out a solution.  We’ll do everything we can to unite client & scout.  We ship FedEx, Greyhound Package Express, & when the situation calls for it, you may even get one of us. Delivery fees are dependent on amount rented and distance traveled. Contact us for a customized quote.

Design Consulting & Styling

Love your vintage, use your vintage.
Our items, your items, or found items……….we love to find creative ways to stage, use & arrange for any event, occasion, or space.
Interior Design, set design, or event design, we can make sure your goods are put to good use.  We offer hourly rates, “day of” packages & other consulting options.  Just holla, we’d be glad to find a way to flip the ordinary into awesome with you.


Rent it?  Own it.
Looking to own instead of borrow?  We’ll negotiate, find you another, or craft an even better option for you.  Our origins are in the fine art of scouting curb-side wonders, online finds, estate prizes and thrift store rescues………..but we’re professionals, don’t try this at home.  Consults are free & we’ll work within your budget.  After all, we live on a budget ourselves.  We don’t live in the castle, we just work there.

Small Details:  ball jars, vases, vintage typewriters, photo props, frames, dishware, centerpieces, vintage cameras, serving pieces, linens, card boxes & bins, decor, glassware…………………….

Large Details:  galvanized drink bin, double wash basin, industrial carts, file drawers,

Seating:  vintage seating

Trunks & Suitcases:  suitcase tables & stacks, steamer trunks, train cases,

Architectural Elements:  pillars, vintage doors & windows, barn board

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Stefanie LaForce April 10, 2012 at 8:38 am

Hello! Will you be renting your vintage doily table runners? If so, how many do you have and how much per runner? Thanks!

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